Get your car winter ready.

As winter settles in, it’s a great time to prepare for adverse driving conditions, and to get any ongoing problems with your car fixed. Here are a few issues – some more urgent than others – that we can help with:

Restore Your Headlights

It’s easy to see why dim, cloudy headlights are a safety issue. If left untreated, they can develop small cracks, a condition called crazing. Our headlight restoration service will have your headlights shining bright and looking good!

Repair Your Cracked Windshield

A cracked windshield should be addressed right away. Small cracks can easily spread. And any crack can affect the structural integrity, and therefore the safety, of the vehicle. We’ll help assess, then fix or replace your windshield. 

Refinish Your Wheels

Your wheels take a lot of abuse. We can help restore their luster with a thorough cleaning, rust removal, priming, painting and clear coating application. They’ll not only look great but will be protected against future damage.

Take Advantage of Our Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair can be a painless way to get your car back in shape. We’ll assess your car’s damage to see if it’s a candidate for utilizing our paintless dent repair technology, which can be a simpler and less expensive way to go.

Rainy Day drives can seem pleasant … and risky. Whether a light sprinkle or torrential downpour, wet roads can make driving conditions less than ideal. Steer clear and drive safe, with these rainy day driving tips from Loyalty Collision Center. 

Tip #1: Wait for Clearer Conditions

If you feel at all uncomfortable driving in rainy conditions, wait until the weather improves. No journey is worth risking your safety! As the skies clear up and the roads dry, you can travel in confidence. 

Tip #2: Check Car Condition

All the parts of your car work together to get you where you need to go. It is even more important, on rainy days, to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly. Check headlights, tail lights, windshield wipers, and tire tread before leaving on a rainy day.

Tip #3: Go Slowly 

Take your time when driving in the rain. Your brakes may not be as effective on wet roads. Reduce your speed to help you avoid a collision on a rainy drive. 

Tip #4: Headlights On

Bright lights can increase your visibility drastically—and other drivers’ ability to see you! Always check to be sure your headlights are on during rainy drives. 

Tip #5: Windshield Wipers On 

Even in a light misty rain, visibility can be tricky. Switch on the wipers just to be safe. 

Tip #6: Vehicle Distancing 

Stay a few car lengths’ behind other vehicles so that a sudden stop on wet roads won’t send you slipping and sliding into the bumper in front of you. 

Tip #7: Brake Gently 

Avoid using cruise control during rain, as it increases the time it takes to come to a complete stop. When you need to slow down or stop, remove your foot from the gas and apply the brake gingerly. 

Tip #8: Keep an Eye on Puddles

Drive around puddles when possible, to keep from skidding atop the surface and hydroplaning. 

Tip #9: Stay Calm if Hydroplaning 

Hydroplaning is very common in rain. Remove your foot from the accelerator and maintain your direction. Sudden turns or quick braking can make things worse!

Tip #10: Use the Defrost Setting 

Rainy drives often lead to foggy windows. Keep your view clear with the defrost setting in your car. Cold air on the windshield should clear up the fog, allowing you to reach your destination safely. 

Stay Safe! 

Loyalty Collision is here for you when you need us. Visit any of our four convenient locations in Chester, Petersburg, West End, and Williamsburg.

After a car accident, it can be difficult to know where to take your vehicle for repairs by trained professional technicians. At Loyalty, our priority is our customers’ safety and satisfaction. That’s why we went the extra mile, and earned the ICAR Gold Certified Status for our Collision Repair Centers. 

Only 20% of collision repair shops complete the rigorous requirements of this certification, which ensures highly-trained technicians who know how to correctly and safely repair your vehicle. Thanks to the level of training required for this certification, Loyalty Collision technicians can find hidden damage easily missed by others, and determine with precision which parts to repair vs. which parts to replace. 

Loyalty Collision Repair Centers provide easy-to-understand estimates, answers to your questions, and on-site rental cars. Whether your accident was major or minor, our friendly, knowledgeable, & certified technicians are at your service–at each of our four locations. We utilize the latest cosmetic, digital, electronic, and mechanical equipment to fix or refine any vehicle. 

This certification signifies the high-level training our technicians receive and bring to your car’s repairs. We utilize the latest technology and procedures, carefully evaluating and repairing with your safety in mind. You can trust that your car is in the best hands at any of the four Loyalty Collision Centers in Chester, Petersburg, West End, and Williamsburg, Virginia. 

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After you’ve been in an accident, you don’t need any more headaches. You’ve been through enough. Let Loyalty Collison take some of the burden. 

Loyalty Collision has developed a 3-step process for removing the pain from your claim. Follow these simple steps to streamline your experience after a car crash.

  1. Choose Loyalty as your official Collision Center. Remember, you have the right to select your own mechanic. You’re entitled to this choice, so don’t let an insurance representative persuade you to choose another company just to save them a few bucks.

    Call the nearest Loyalty Collision Center for an estimate. We’re pre-authorized by all major insurance carriers, meaning that you don’t have to go through them for your estimate.

  2. Consult with your Loyalty Collision Center to determine a repair plan that suits your vehicle and situation. Our experts will provide you with clear explanations and documentation for the damage and respective repairs. This will enable you to make sure you receive what you are entitled to, from your insurance company.

    We’ll provide a detailed estimate including detailed description of all repairs, breakdown of cost, and documentation for all the damage.

  3. Confirm that your insurance provider is paying what you deserve and what you need. They are required to pay the cost to restore your vehicle to pre-collision condition. Review your insurance policy to determine what is covered, what you may owe, and whether a rental car is included.

    There is typically some back and forth discussion with the insurer during the repair phase. Loyalty will liaise with the insurance company, keeping you abreast of the latest, most major developments and takeaways. 

Remember: Choose, Consult, and Confirm. Loyalty will take care of the rest. Contact Loyalty Collision Centers in Chester, Petersburg, West End, and Williamsburg for all your auto collision needs. 

When bugs hit your vehicle’s front bumper, grill and the backs of the mirrors — the most common landing areas — make sure to clean the bugs off as soon as possible. Acidic bug splatter can lead to paint damage. On top of that, bacteria grows on the dead bugs, and this, too, eats away at your car.

Amplifying the bug issues is spring and summer heat, which causes a baked-on effect. Dark vehicles are the most susceptible because they generate more surface heat, leading to blistering and imperfections that can appear as white spots.

Already Have Pesky Paint Damage?

Whether you need a small touch-up or a complete coating, our expert and detailed automotive paint technicians will ensure your vehicle looks good as new. Our high-tech, computerized paint mixing system will match your exact factory color. We’ll finish with a clear coat and polish so your vehicle has the same gleam it did when you first drove it off the lot.

Loyalty Collision, here when you need us.

Winter weather — along with pollution and car wash chemicals — can leave headlights yellowed and clouded. It’s way more than a cosmetic issue but also a safety concern!

Clean, clear headlights are just as important as a clean windshield. You will be able to see the road better, and importantly, other drivers will be able to see you too.

Loyalty Collision can help by restoring your headlights for only $99. They will look and perform better. You won’t believe the difference clean headlights make.

When You Hit the Road, You May Hit a Roadblock

Breakdowns, accidents, weather, traffic and other occurrences impact travel. While you can’t be 100% prepared, we have suggested items to keep in your car that can help. You may not need all of these items. Assess your situation and personalize your preparedness package.

  1. Sturdy ice scraper and snow brush
    Cold weather can arrive early! Have an ice scraper and snow brush in tow to clear your vehicle of snow and ice.
  2. Shovel
    Buy a small or collapsible shovel to keep in your trunk. It will be useful if your car is stuck in snow or if you have to clear a path to drive.
  3. Gloves and other winter clothing
    Need to scrape or shovel? You’ll want to bundle up!
  4. Blanket
    Stranded or in an accident? It can get cold fast if your car won’t turn on. Cover up!
  5. Emergency flares or reflectors
    Snow storms reduce visibility. Reflectors help cars and emergency vehicles see you.
  6. Rock salt, sand, or kitty litter
    Spread these coarse materials near your tires and path to get out of a slippery situation.
  7. First aid kit
    Essential year-round, a first aid kit is really important during winter because emergency response time may slow if it’s snowing.
  8. Extra windshield washer fluid
    For visibility, ensure your windshield washer fluid has antifreeze components to prevent it from freezing.
  9. Flashlight
    A flashlight can facilitate vehicle examination, especially when dark, which happens earlier in the winter. It also makes you more visible.
  10. Rope or chain
    A tow chain is a great tool to get your car out of snow.
  11. Jumper cables
    Cold weather can affect a car’s battery. You can’t start your car if the battery’s dead, so keep jumper cables at the ready.
  12. Small tool kit
    You can fix minor vehicle problems with basic tools and simple instruction, learned ahead of time or via mobile device.
  13. Sunglasses
    The sun’s reflection on snow is bright. Wear sunglasses while driving to reduce glare.
  14. Mobile device charger
    Charge your mobile device before driving and keep a charger in your vehicle, so you can call for assistance if you need to.
  15. Water and non-perishable snacks
    When stranded, assistance could be delayed. Store water and non-perishable snacks in your vehicle. Have kids? Consider having extra on hand.

Be careful out there! At Loyalty Collision, we’re here when you need us.

After an accident, getting life back to normal means getting back on the road as quickly as possible. Make sure you receive what you’re entitled to from your insurance company. Know your rights. You are in the driver’s seat.

You have the right to:

  • ✅ Choose a repair shop to fix your vehicleOnce you’ve informed your insurance representative that you’ve selected a repair facility, they should not try to influence you to take it somewhere else.
  • ✅ Have your vehicle repaired to its pre-accident conditionYour insurance company is required to assume all costs necessary to repair your vehicle to pre-damage state.
  • ✅ Consult with a collision repair professional to determine an appropriate repair plan for your vehicle.Collision repair professionals have the knowledge and technical expertise to know which parts, materials and repair procedures are necessary for the proper and safe repair of your vehicle.

When an accident happens, Loyalty Collision is here for you.

Safety Tips from Loyalty Collision

When the temperature dips below freezing, black ice — a thin layer of ice that forms on surfaces in cold weather — can form from melting snow, lawn runoff or other liquids, and is often present under bridges and in other shady spots.

Black ice isn’t actually black; it’s clear, but takes on a dark coloring from the pavement below it. Because black ice is so thin, it is often invisible to the human eye. This invisibility is what makes black ice such a dangerous driving surface.

Here are Winter Driving Tips to help keep you and your vehicle safe:

  • Be cautious in areas where black ice commonly forms – bridges, overpasses, shaded areas and roads infrequently traveled.
  • Turn, brake and drive slowly.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles.
  • Avoid stopping if possible, as it can be difficult to start moving again.
  • Don’t pump the brakes if you have antilock brakes.

Bundle up, stay alert and be prepared! Loyalty Collision is here for you if you need us.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey,” over 97% of all motor vehicle crashes are caused by driver error. Collisions happen. But many can be avoided.

Consider the following Collision Prevention Tips and apply them to your driving to help steer clear of a fender bender or worse:

Keep your eyes on the road

  • 89% percent of rear-end crashes occur because the driver was distracted.
  • Deter distracted driving by ignoring your phone
  • Set your music before placing your vehicle in drive.
  • Also, skip the tailgating.

Be on high alert in a parking lot

  • When reversing, don’t rely solely on your rearview mirror or back-up camera.
  • Turn around and check your blind spots to ensure the coast is clear.
  • Consider parking farther away from high-traffic areas.

Fend off hydroplane in the rain

  • When a vehicle hydroplanes, stop accelerating and don’t stomp your foot on the brakes.
  • Instead, apply steady pressure and allow the car to arrive at a lower speed.
  • To avoid hydroplaning, make sure you have good tire tread and drive slowly through puddles.

Prepare for wildlife to enter the highway too

  • In the United States, an estimated 1.23 million deer-related accidents occur per year!
  • Take animal crossing signs seriously. Use your high beams and keep the speed limit.
  • If you drive through forest areas often, consider getting a deer whistle. The noise wards off animals and attaches to a vehicle’s bumper.

Side step side-impact collisions

  • Help stave off side impacts by paying attention to stop signs, red lights and who has the right away.
  • Don’t try to make the light before it turns red, rather drive the speed limit and slow down on yellow.
  • Invest in a vehicle with side airbags to protect your precious cargo.

Get ahead of front-impact collisions

  • Front-impact collisions comprise 54% of all the auto accidents.
  • Adjust your driving to the weather; if it is raining or snowing, slow down and be more cautious.
  • Focus your eyes on the road and just say no to texting while driving.

At Loyalty Collision, we’re here when you need us.

Good morning


In a world where there is so much negativity no one wants to point out the good.  Well this is the opposite of that.


I came in the week of July 6th to have my 2007 Wrangler Jeep looked at because of an accident.  I was assigned Darcy (sorry I don’t have her last name at the moment). Darcy came out and greeted me with a smile and we talked about what happened with my Tammy (yes I named my Jeep).  After looking it over she assured me that you all will do the best to get her back on the road.


See I have a vacation planned for Aug. 13th through the 17th in the mountains and Tammy has to go as part of it includes some off roading.


I dropped of my jeep on Tuesday July 21st, Darcy was at the front counter again greeted me with a smile.  She had everything ready for me including a rental car that was needed.  She made the phone calls to the insurance company to secure the proper authorization.  I did nothing but signed some papers and off I went.


Yesterday I received a text from Darcy stating that my Jeep was being worked on and that she will let me know more later on this week.



Now here is what I really wanted to say:


Darcy has been amazing through this whole process.  She has been nothing but professional but yet caring.  She has a positive attitude even though she had her own accident to deal with.


Darcy is an asset to the company.  She is one of the reasons I would recommend you all to anybody that would need such service.


I would hope you give her the kudos she deserves. I know I am only one customer but it takes on person to start the ball rolling.


With service like Darcy has given me I will be back if I ever need this type of work again.


Thank you for your time.