Simple and stress-free from start to finish

We figure that if you’ve had an accident, you already have enough headaches. So we make the entire repair process, including the filing of your insurance claim, as smooth as humanly possible.


At Loyalty Collision, our high caliber team works seamlessly with auto insurance companies to streamline the claims process. In fact, we’re pre-authorized by all major insurance carriers, which means you won’t have to get an estimate from them before you get one from us.


When your damaged vehicle is brought to one of our locations, our licensed underwriters and damage appraisers immediately get started, quickly and thoroughly inspecting your vehicle to expedite the process.


There’s often some back and forth with the insurance carrier as we repair your vehicle. But we do that behind the scenes to save you the hassle, while always working on your behalf to make sure all the damage has been accounted for in your claim. Of course, communication with our customers is key and we always keep you apprised of any major developments.

Things to know when you submit a claim to your Insurance Company:


You have the right to select a Collision Center to fix your vehicle. Once you inform your Insurance Representative of your choice, they should not influence you to take it elsewhere.


Consult with your Collision Center Specialist to determine the repair plan for your vehicle. They will have the expertise to explain and provide documentation for the proper repair of your vehicle. This will allow you to make sure you receive what you are entitled to from your Insurance Company.


Your Insurance Company is required to pay the costs to fix your vehicle to pre-accident condition.


When choosing an Insurance Company understand what is covered, what your deductible means, how many days they will give you rental and so on. Read your policy. You don’t want to find out after the fact that they won’t provide you with a rental while you vehicle is getting repaired.