Good morning,


In a world where there is so much negativity no one wants to point out the good.  Well this is the opposite of that. I came in the week of July 6th to have my 2007 Wrangler Jeep looked at because of an accident.  I was assigned Darcy (sorry I don’t have her last name at the moment). Darcy came out and greeted me with a smile and we talked about what happened with my Tammy (yes I named my Jeep).  After looking it over she assured me that you all will do the best to get her back on the road. See I have a vacation planned for Aug. 13th through the 17th in the mountains and Tammy has to go as part of it includes some off roading.


I dropped of my jeep on Tuesday July 21st, Darcy was at the front counter again greeted me with a smile.  She had everything ready for me including a rental car that was needed.  She made the phone calls to the insurance company to secure the proper authorization.  I did nothing but signed some papers and off I went.Yesterday I received a text from Darcy stating that my Jeep was being worked on and that she will let me know more later on this week.


Now here is what I really wanted to say:



Darcy has been amazing through this whole process.  She has been nothing but professional but yet caring.  She has a positive attitude even though she had her own accident to deal with. Darcy is an asset to the company.  She is one of the reasons I would recommend you all to anybody that would need such service. I would hope you give her the kudos she deserves. I know I am only one customer but it takes on person to start the ball rolling. With service like Darcy has given me I will be back if I ever need this type of work again.


Thank you for your time. -Satisfied Customer