The Importance of Regular Maintenance in Winter

Preparing your car for driving through the winter months is important, even in Virginia, where extreme temperatures and winter weather events are less common. Here are a few tips for making sure your vehicle is ready for the winter and any inclement weather that may come with it.

Tire Maintenance

  • Colder temperatures affect tire pressure. Make sure they’re properly inflated. That will make it easier to navigate potentially hazardous driving conditions, not to mention giving you better gas mileage.
  • Are your tires getting old and worn? Good tread is essential for maintaining control of your vehicle, especially in snowy, icy conditions. Don’t put off getting that new set of tires if you need them.

Windshield Maintenance

  • Visibility is critical when driving in snowy, icy conditions. The last thing you want is for your vision to be compromised while driving, so for starters, make sure any snow or ice is cleared away before setting off.
  • Install winter wipers, which are designed to keep ice from collecting on the blades. Winter wipers are heavier than regular ones, so be sure to change them back in the spring to reduce the load on your wiper motor.
  • Keep washer fluid full. A single snowstorm can use a large amount of fluid so be sure to keep the reservoir filled.
  • Make sure your rear window defroster is in good working order.

Engine Maintenance

  • The cold can make the oil in your engine thicken. To ensure your engine is running smoothly throughout the season, consider having it changed with a lower viscosity oil.
  • Make sure your coolant/antifreeze is in good condition and of the proper mix ratio to keep your engine from freezing or corroding during the winter months.
  • Brake problems with your vehicle can be extremely dangerous – especially in slippery, freezing conditions. Be sure to have your brakes checked in the winter months.

We wish you safe travels through the winter. But we know stuff happens. As always, if you’re ever in an accident, Loyalty Collision is here for you.

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January 30, 2024
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